Advisory services

CAG acts as an advisor in compiling business plans, incentive schemes and valuations.

Business plans and portfolio analyses

Kansiot-taulu-valmisWritten business plan is an internal as well as external tool of communication for the client company. In internal use a business plan compiles the views of management and forms a platform for objective comparison of alternative strategies. In external use a business plan is a basis for preparing financing and information memorandums with which the operations of the company can be communicated to the third parties.

In portfolio analysis, different business units of the company are analyzed separately as well their strategic fit.Portfolio analysis forms a tool for the management of the client company for comprehensive, organized and value creating management.


Valuation is an essential part in M&As, financial arrangements and business development. Valuation is made using different valuation methods to quarantee its quality. Usually sensitivity analysis is conducted in terms of the most critical value drivers.

Incentive schemes

Incentive scheme has to reward for accomplisments above business objectives, be motivating, committing, clear and easy to follow. The most appropriate instruments (shares, options and cash) for the motivation of the personnel are chosen depending on the owners’ goals.

Second opinions and Corporate Governance

Etuovi-valmisSecond opinions (fairness opinion) are mostly prepared for valuations and incentive schemes. Corporate Governance system defines liabilities and reporting relations between the owners, board of directors and management.