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In our experience, a quick assessment of the situation and arrangement of immediate financing for the recovery period is crucially important for companies battling with liquidity. Immediate actions improve the likelihood of surviving the crisis.

The financial impacts on companies will persist even after the acute corona crisis is over. The measures below prepare the company for the structural and financial arrangements that follow the immediate crisis:

  • Creation of a cash budget
  • Revision of contracts
  • Adjustment of costs
  • Analysis of domino effect risks that arise from the supply chain and clientele
  • Modeling and real-time simulation of financial standing
  • Analysis of loan portfolio and debt management ability
  • Analysis of covenants and rating
  • Building of a monitoring mechanism to measure implementation

The preparation for the post-crisis period should be started well in advance by ensuring that the company’s structure and financing support its long-term goals.

  • The company is on the verge of crisis
  • Deteriorated liquidity and solvency
  • Acute need for further financing
CAG at your service

Securing solvency on short-term
  • Quick assessment of current situation
  • Assessment of measures that have been taken
  • Cash flow analysis and tools for cash management
  • Action plan to secure solvency
  • Financing  secured for 0 – 6 months
  • CAG is specialised in analysis performed to ensure the viability of the business
  • Quick and effective action plans improve the likelihood of survival through the crisis

Securing future business
  • Tools for financial management
  • Strategic planning
  • Analysis of pandemic’s impact on business
  • Action plan to secure the company’s future
  • Financial rearrangements and financing 6 months  –
  • Measures to monitor the recovery process
  • Implementation
  • CAG has managed hundreds of successful financial arrangements and M&A transactions
  • CAG can offer an experienced interim chief restructuring officer (CRO) to manage the recovery process

  • Viable business
  • Secured solvency
  • Lighter balance sheet
  • Functional and effective monitoring and implementation of corrective measures
  • Further post-crisis support to improve revenue and profitability of the business

CAG corona team at your service

To quickly and efficiently help our customers in the current demanding situation, we have assembled a CAG corona team. Our team brings together experts in financial analysis, finance, M&A and turnaround management (CROs). To ensure comprehensive services, we work closely with our reliable network of legal, tax and other partners.

Analyses and research

Our analysis team forms a quick snapshot of your company, mapping out possible treatments

Financial arrangements and restructurings

Our professionals have led hundreds of successful financial arrangements and M&A transactions

Turnaround management and implementation

We provide interim Chief Restructuring Officers (CROs) to support the implementation of necessary measures in your company.

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