Advisory services

We are committed in delivering high-quality financial advisory solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs rather than offering standardized one-size-fits-all solutions. We have a long relationship with many of our clients, and our experts support and act as a discussion partner for company’s own team in issues related to finance and strategy. We offer tools for analyzing and developing the company at various stages of the business life cycle.

Our advisory services include various analyses, which we offer either as separate services or as a part of a wider assignment.

Financial modelling and future scenarios

We allow you to proceed with your financial and strategic planning with higher accuracy by helping you understand and capture all variables related to your business. We test the interdependent sensitivities of your key business variables to future performance, balance sheet structure and ultimately value creation.

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Business plan

A good business plan guides you through each stage of starting and managing your business. It will describe the future operations and help to assess the profitability and success possibilities of your company. We help you to draw up a business plan with the focus on developing and analyzing possible future options for your business, analyzing risks and possibilities and modelling your future business into financial forecasts.

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Portfolio analysis

Portfolio analysis is a tool for strategic planning when creating the corporate strategy. Almost every company consists of several business units and therefor forms a portfolio. We help you to assess which businesses are the most promising in the future, in which businesses to invest and which ones to give up. The main question in portfolio analysis is how to create shareholder value.

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Feasibility study

We help you to safely form a go/no-go decision in important investment and project opportunities by critically examining the viability of your ventures. We perform a profound analysis regarding organizational, market, financial and technical aspects.


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Analysis on loan portfolio and debt sustainability

The analysis includes a thorough surveying of the finance agreements of the company. We analyze all financial instruments used and the terms related to them. We go through the collaterals and covenants. We calculate the debt sustainability of the company based on forecasts drawn by the company itself or by our experts. The analysis serves as a tool when negotiating with the financiers.

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Working capital optimization

We identify internal actions to free your cash, critically assess the ability of your business to generate cash flows and examine and guide you to possible external financial instruments available for liquidity management.


Valuation is typically considered an exercise required only in M&A processes. In reality, valuations can serve various purposes in situations including large investments and development projects, financial arrangements, strategy formulation, changes of generation, portfolio analyses, incentive schemes, mergers and demergers, stock issue pricing and minority redemptions.

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Fairness / second opinion

We compile fairness or second opinion statements in connection to M&A processes or other situations. It is typical to ask for a fairness opinion on valuation, but we can also give an opinion on other issues, e.g. remarkable financing and other agreements, incentive systems, feasibility studies etc.

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Incentive systems

We help you to design and effectively implement performance management. Moreover, we help to design and implement incentive systems to align personal motivations with sustainable corporate value creation.

Industry and competitor analyses

We compile industry, market and competitor analysis both in Finland and abroad. Our analysis work as a supporting document when you are planning to expand into new markets, service areas or new customer base. The analysis can also work as a basis for your M&A screening process or acquisition preparation.

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