Financial Arrangements

Financial structure optimization

We help you quantify your financing need through a careful financial analysis, and determine the financial instruments and sources best suited for your company.

Equity financing

We help you acquire equity financing from a variety or sources, like buyout and venture capital funds, business angels, pension funds, trade investors, or the company’s operative management. Moreover, we help you form a valuation of your business aligned with the globally prevailing market practices.

Debt financing

We help gain access to debt financing with our extensive networks and financier relationships. We are experienced in debt financing solutions encompassing either collateralized senior debt, subordinated junior debt or a combination of these two.

Mezzanine and bridge financing

We help you select and seek different mezzanine instruments that combine characteristics from both equity and debt financing. Through bridge financing, we help your business overcome temporary financing gaps.

Crowd funding

We help you gain access, credibility and attract interest within a large number of individual investors offering both equity and debt financing. We provide a credible and objective third-party review where we evaluate and display the potential of your business.

Public financing

We guide you through the large variety of public financing instruments and help you select and apply for the most suitable ones. We have expertise in instruments offered both by domestic entities (e.g. Tesi, Business Finland, Finnvera and ELY-centers) and the European Union (instruments like ERDF and EFSI).

Financial Advisory

Financial modeling

We allow you to proceed with your financial and strategic planning with higher accuracy by helping you understand and capture all variables related to your business. We test the interdependent sensitivities of your key business variables to future performance, balance sheet structure and ultimately value creation.

Capital structure optimization

We help you evaluate and attain the optimal balance sheet structure for the purposes of your company, typically to elevate credit rating or gain access to financing.

Working capital optimization

We identify internal actions to free your cash, critically assess the ability of your business to generate cash flows and examine and guide you to possible external financial instruments available for liquidity management.

Feasibility study

We help you safely form a go/no-go decision in important investment and project opportunities by critically examining the viability of your ventures. We perform a profound analysis regarding organizational, market, financial and technical aspects.

Independent business review (IBR)

We provide objective, third-party analysis typically for banks and other financiers to review or “stress test” your business. We assess your strategy, existing resources and competence, market prospects and future forecasts.

Information memorandum

We help you attract prospective equity investors and debt financiers by preparing a professional and credible Information Memorandum based on a thorough analysis of your business case. Our documents are aligned with the globally prevailing market practices.

Strategic Advisory

Corporate strategy

We help determine the strategic agenda for corporate value creation with priority on the following questions:

  1. Business portfolio – What businesses are we in?
  2. Parenting style – How do we create value for the businesses?
  3. Corporate control – How do we control the businesses?

Business strategy

We help determine the strategic agenda for value creation for businesses with priority on the following questions:

  1. Business scope – Where do we play?
  2. Strategic positioning – How do we win?
  3. Organization design – How do we operate?

Independent strategic analysis

We help you make better strategic decisions by providing you high-quality, fact-based and independent strategic analysis regarding e.g. markets, customers, competitors, organization and financial performance.

Organization design

We help you innovate your business model to disrupt your industry. Moreover, we help you design and align your operating model to enable the effective strategy execution, structures, processes and capabilities.

Governance and incentives

We help you design and effectively implement corporate governance and performance management. Moreover, we help design and implement incentive systems to align personal motivations with sustainable corporate value creation.

Business transformation

We help you determine your blueprint for business transformation, design program governance (PMO) and support manage critical transformation projects effectively to implement your strategy.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A process management

We professionally manage your M&A processes with key steps in transaction target setting and strategy assessment, valuation, documentation, data room management, due diligence, finally to post-merger integration or divestiture.

Acquisition strategy and target screening

We help you form an acquisition strategy that aligns with your corporate strategy, ensuring growth and value maximization. Based on this, we identify and analyze the most potential acquisition targets.

Valuation and fairness opinions

We evaluate and measure the value of an entity for buyers or sellers in M&A processes, for banks and other financiers, or purely for internal use. Our approach focuses on analyzing the entity, the business along with the operating environment considering related risks and opportunities.

Commercial due diligence

We x-ray your target company’s strategy, business operations, financial standing, risks and potential, and assess projected future performance based on the organization and its operating environment. Moreover, we coordinate legal, tax and technical due diligence processes for you.

Divestment strategy

We help you reassess and clarify your corporate strategy, determine the optimal business portfolio and help divest operations that no longer support value creation. We maximize the upside in divesting by carefully selecting new owners with the most business potential.

Post-merger integration

We provide strategic integration planning from day one. Our experts help map out and meet the risks, timing and deal objectives, ultimately enabling you maintain and grow the value of the acquired entity.

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